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The Game of Badminton...

In the last week, we had the Shanghai Indian Association badminton tournament.  While me and Pavithra lost in the mixed doubles finals, my run also ended in the semi finals in men's doubles and in the quarters in singles. But thats not the real point I am trying to convey. This game is pretty universal, seemingly easy and fun for people to participate. Unlike say tennis, this requires lesser infrastructure and even novices can aspire to hit the bird with the charm of a champion.

However what I have noticed over the years is that probably more than many of the games, this game is highly tactical. After a certain level when you have mastered to hit the shuttle well, if you need to move into the next level, its imperative that you learn the tricks of the trade. Every form of this game, has to be played with different strategies. While fitness is a must, more important is how one utilises the area of the court and make the opponent play into your game. This also explains the fact that, over a period of time, I have seen some 50 plus year olds, playing amazing badminton. Literally eating novices like me for breakfast.

Last 2 years has been good living in our housing complex in Shanghai, with a game of badminton every weekend with many of the Indian families joining in. In the future, I would love to get some coaching and play with some of the better players, so that I have the required skill sets to play this game when I hit 50! (and win too!)

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